Do Americans Want To Buy Fuel Efficient Cars?

There appears to be debate on this question, which is puzzling to me. I think many people are mistakenly under the assumption that “small, fuel efficient” cars equate to miniature so called “smart” cars that we see every so often on the road and in Europe, as opposed to simply something other than a gas guzzling SUV or crossover vehicle. In fact, most sedans today are very fuel efficient.

Will U.S. consumers buy these cars? Well, that question has actually already been answered. As you can see from the chart below, the top 5 best selling cars in the U.S. get more than 30 miles per gallon on the highway, and #6 on the list isn’t too far behind:

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2 Thoughts on “Do Americans Want To Buy Fuel Efficient Cars?

  1. Key is at what price…. why doesnt toyota prius figure in this list, though it has the HIGHEST fuel efficiency and its cost is probably less than a fully outfitted Honda Accord or Honda CRV?

    GM’s volt or whatever they want to call that as will give 60+ miles per gallon, but will cost $40k+. Yes, we can build a solar powered car as well or a car which runs on water, but to make it economical, then the size has to be shrunk. In other words, size is inversely proportional to mileage but directly proportional to cost and mass demand.

  2. Traciatim on May 20, 2009 at 2:32 PM said:

    Keep in mind the Camry, Accord, and Altima all come in V6 models that 28, 29, and 27MPG respectively on the highway. The Impala listed there doesn’t come in an ‘underpowered’ trim level so it’s listed at 29MPG is actually tied for first place among comparable vehicles.

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