No, It Is Not A Bull Market

I have heard it twice on CNBC already this morning, and the market has not even opened yet. For some reason people are claiming that since the market is up more than 20% from its lows that we have entered a new bull market. This idea that any rise of at least 20% constitutes a bull market is just plain silly. If a stock falls from $10 to $1 and rebounds to $1.20 it’s a new bull market? Oh, please! Sorry folks, but there is no bull market in stocks, or oil, or anything else that has been crushed in recent months but has recouped a small portion of the losses.

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One Thought on “No, It Is Not A Bull Market

  1. While I don’t think we’re in a bull market just yet, the market has been quite resilient in the face of an onslaught of bad economic news this week. Could investors finally be looking forward? Maybe we’re setting up for a decidedly positive move earlier than the second half of the year? I don’t necessarily think things turn around so fast, but you can’t help but be a little wary of “missing the bottom.”

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