Citigroup Break-Up Analysis – Part 3

I posted my extremely conservative valuation on Citigroup (C) last week and promised a more aggressive version in order to try and quantify not only a potential floor in the stock ($22?) but also a reasonable ceiling ($41?). Below in graphic form are three scenarios; my first one (conservative) as well as a moderate and more aggressive case. I will revisit these projections after Citi reports first quarter numbers, which might shed some light on their normalized earnings power.








Full Disclosure: Still no position in Citigroup at the time of writing

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One Thought on “Citigroup Break-Up Analysis – Part 3

  1. JoJo on May 2, 2008 at 8:15 PM said:

    Now that Citigroup has posted its first quarter earning for 2008, do you still stand by your original analysis, or you think you have to revise it?

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