Google Math

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One Thought on “Google Math

  1. NO DooDahs on January 20, 2006 at 3:11 PM said:

    Sold some GOOG short this week. Enjoyed it. Mentioned it before the fact on my blog and at MarketThoughts forum. Didn’t time it perfectly, but got enough out of it to make up for some of this week’s poor performance in my buy-and-holds.

    GOOG is on my list (published Dec 2005) of large caps I expect to underperform the indices in 2006. I’ve been a verifiable GOOG bear for a while now, and the last three days have knocked out more than two months of gains. Right now there are 434 million shares of GOOG sold that are upside down. That represents 15% of all the shares exchanged since Jan 2005. That’s a lot of selling pressure. I don’t expect a recovery. I expect 3-4 rallies above the 50 DMA and then a great killer short opportunity.

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